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Vanessa Frank Film Funding


Is a lack of funding holding you back from your creative dreams? Are you tired of not having answers about how films actually get funded? Do you want to know in exact detail what a film investor really wants? Do you want THE secret as to what's going to cause a film distributor to say "yes"?

If you're an independent filmmaker who wants to learn how to obtain film funding, this course is for you! "Film Funding From A-Z" answers all the above questions, equipping you with the insight that you need to take your film pitch to the next level. I'm going to show you precisely what you need to do, step by step, to get your film financed, and into production.

Discover how to better position your independent film project for film finance success.

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(This teaching primarily features on U.S. based funding, so not all information will be applicable to international filmmakers. However, the core principals remain the same worldwide.)

My greatest emotional and business successes have come from independant movies. Even our first major hit, "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves" was financed outside the Studio System. Information is power. For the new filmmaker, Vanessa has done the stunning work of demystifying and laying out, lecture style, the whole spectrum of the logics of Indie Film Finance world. A priceless reality based set of courses to financing one's dreams!

- PEN DENSHAM founded Hollywood's Trilogy Entertainment Group. Their 16 feature films and nearly 300 hours of TV series, collaborating with some of Hollywood's most creative filmmakers and stars, have grossed more than $1 billion dollars. Pen has earned Oscar nominations and over 80 international awards, he has published books on film and taught at USC Film School.

Vanessa Frank Film Funding


For two years I oversaw the development division of an Oscar winners production company, during which time I managed the development of more than 25 film and television projects.

I have produced over 100 episodes of Film Talk, a talk show in which I interviewed Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe winners. The first film I produced and directed featured Oscar nominated talent, and was seen in over 60 nations.

I've been in the film and television industry for 20+ years, during which time I've worked in international film sales, in theatrical and home entertainment, in film production, and in television production and acquisition.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Film and Television from Surrey Roehampton University, and am currently an MBA student.

When filmmakers ask me how they can get their film funded, I always feel that the few minutes I can give them to explain is just never enough. The answers to film funding are surprisingly straight forward...but you need to know what the essential steps are!

For this reason I created this comprehensive course, so that I could really dive into the nitty gritty detail of exactly how an independent film gets funded...and what practical actions YOU need to be taking to maximize your chance of film finance success.

This on-demand course creates rapid mastery of the subject of film finance. My goal is to provide reliable solutions to help ignite your career! I'll give you the exact ingredients that you need to create powerful results. This course will equip you with the precise strategy that you need to dramatically increase your odds of success in getting your film financed. This teaching is absolutely jam packed with information designed to empower you as a filmmaker! Every single step of the film funding process is covered here, in painstaking and meticulous detail.

The power of good information is life-changing! I'm excited to help launch your career to a new height.

To say this information is hard to come by doesn't give this course enough credit. You could spend a career trying to accumulate this knowledge a tidbit at a time, and yet here is all is organized and presented to you in a few hours. If you want to understand how films actually get financed this is where you start.

- MIKE HALSEY, Founder of Emmy Award winning VFX studio Magnetic Dreams


Film Funding From A-Z is designed for independent filmmakers looking to get their films funded.

You're frustrated with the lack of answers about how to get your film dreams funded. Your movie can't shoot until you get the money. You have a production that's just waiting to happen, but first you need to understand how, where, and why some projects get financed...while others just sit on the shelf.


Across five distinct course stages, you’ll learn all about:

  • The why of film funding: You'll gain a deep perspective on what investors and distributors are really looking for. You'll learn exactly what questions you need to answer, enabling you to create reliable results.
  • The how of film finance: You will learn about every option that's available to you for financing, with clear analysis of the strategic benefits of each method of funding. You'll discover precisely, with step-by-step instructions, what you need to do to secure each of these forms of finance.
  • Setting up your materials: Every one of the core materials which you need to create for film funding success will be discussed in detail, with clear instructions as to the steps involved in generating such items.
  • How to avoid mistakes: The biggest mistakes that are repeatedly made by independent filmmakers when it comes to their funding will be dissected in detail, empowering you with the wisdom to make savvy choices.

As an Academy Award winning screenwriter ("Witness"), I have learned how critical it is to understand the financial/funding aspects of the film business, as well as the creative aspects. Vanessa's well-informed course demystifies this area and gives extremely helpful advice.



Get the specific information that you need today. Film Funding From A-Z will show you exactly what steps you need to take to get your film project ready for funding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of film funding are covered?
This course is highly comprehensive. It includes incentive funds, grants, crowdfunding, co-productions, equity funding, institutional funding, gap funding, mezzanine funding, and pre-sales. A detailed explanation of every source of funding is provided, empowering you to assess which form of funding is best for your particular film project.
When does the course start and finish?
This is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. Access immediately, and complete at your own speed.
How long do I have access to the course for?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
How long is the course?
There are 31 videos totaling 8+ hours of content. Most videos are 10–20 minutes long, with the shortest video around 3 minutes and the longest about 50 minutes. The information is very dense, so you may wish to take this course across a month.

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